pondělí 11. července 2016

Summer Gift full kit Sweet Moment

Visit my shop and grab the full kit Sweet Moment absolutely for FREE! All my store 50% off!!! Check right now!

Drop of Dew

Summer meadow in the morning, all fresh and waiting for a new sunny day. All shining and glittering with the little drops of dew. Enjoy my new kit, visit my shop!

pátek 3. června 2016

středa 4. května 2016

NEW kit Gate to Silent Garden

Here it is. Key of the Gate to Silent Garden where you can rest and dream, where flowers are smelling sweetly and birds are singing softly. Let your dreams come true with my new kit in light soft colours. Visit my shop 

středa 6. dubna 2016

Dream About Fairies Freebie

Minikit coordinated with the kit Dream About Fairies absolutely for free.
I will be very glad if you leave me a note how you like it!

download the minikit here

pondělí 4. dubna 2016

Dream About Fairies Collection

Beautiful Fairy kit in collection with coordinated wordarts, masks and clusters. Check my shop.

Dream About Fairies

Recently I have been reading a book of my daughter. It was a story about magical forest and magical creatures that were living there. There is where my inspiration for my new kit has came from. New kit is full of light, magical colours, beautiful colourful buterflies... a surely there are fairies as well. Visit my shop.